Comcork Flooring

Product Overview

Manufactured in Australia by Entegro Group, Comcork is an ecological sustainable resilient flooring. For over 20 years Comcork has been used throughout the world in many iconic buildings and landmarks.

Comcork Flooring is an ecologically sustainable resilient flooring that contains natural cork, which makes up 70% of its content. Comcork is specially formulated and manufactured to take advantage of the many natural properties of cork and rubber including flexibility, ergonomics, comfort, chemical and slip resistance, durability, resilience plus thermal and sound insulation properties. These unique benefits meet the special needs of Aged Care, Child Care, Education, Fitness and Leisure, Hospitality, Transport and Marine or any other area subject to slip or heavy pedestrian traffic in both Commercial and Industrial areas.

The secret behind Comcork Flooring is its unique blend of cork and rubber. Cork is a naturally renewable resource and is made up of an amazing cell structure with millions of little air pockets. There are about 40 million air pocket cells in every cm2 of cork. These act like mini heat, sound and shock absorbers. Combine this with the flexibility and strength of rubber and you have a product that offers some very special benefits.

Comcork Flooring is flexible. It can withstand vibrations and movement when installed in public transport vehicles. The cork component of Comcork provides excellent acoustic and thermal properties, providing a quieter and ‘softer underfoot’ experience for users, a definite advantage for flooring installed in schools. The superior frictional properties of cork and rubber means Comcork Flooring also has excellent slip resistance properties providing customer safety even when wet. Comcork Flooring is suitable for heavy duty applications and is designed for heavy pedestrian traffic.